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Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, the American Public Communications Council is the national trade association representing the owners, suppliers, and manufacturers of public communications products and services.  APCC is dedicated to supporting a public communications environment that promotes the widest deployment of payphones for the use of the American public.

This website is your link to a wealth of information about APCC and APCC Services, APCC's dial around compensation clearinghouse.  You can navigate this site by simply clicking on one of the links listed on the above toolbar, or by using the featured links located directly on this home page.

Industry News

FCC Form 499-A Filing Deadline is April 1, 2015
tiny bullet Members Only - FCC Form 499-A Instructions - 03/15
tiny bullet Members Only - FCC Form 499-A Form - 03/15
tiny bullet Members Only - FCC Form 499-A Public Notice - 03/15

FCC Regulatory Fee Payment Deadline is 
September 20, 2013

tiny bullet Members Only - Memo on FCC Regulatory
Fee Payment - 09/13

tiny bullet FCC Regulatory Fee Fact Sheet - 09/13
tiny bullet FY 2013 Payments and Procedures Public Notice - 09/13
APCC Filing in Tracfone Proceeding
tiny bullet APCC TracFone comments as filed - 11/09

Draft Letter to Send to Congress
tiny bullet Draft Congressional Letter - 02/12

APCC Services Wins US Supreme Court Decision
tiny bullet Members Only - Supreme Court Decision
- 08/08




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